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Booking a Breathwork session?

Please read these important disclaimers before getting started.

Largo, Florida Hypnotherapy – Christine Bergstrom



It’s important to consider the following components before scheduling a breathwork session:

1. Safety

There are contraindications to consider, they are: Glaucoma, detached retina, heart disease, heart issues, unmanaged high blood pressure, a history of heart attacks, seizures, epilepsy, severe asthma, recent injury or surgery, severe mental disorders such as bipolar or schizophrenia, pregnancy, or any other major mental or physical condition.
Above all else, if you have any concerns whether this type of Breathwork is right for you, please contact your physician or mental health professional to discuss before scheduling.

2. What may come up

It is important to note that every breathwork session is unique. Although we can go in with a specific intention, it is my highest belief that whatever it is that you are meant to experience is exactly what will happen. Some of these experiences could be: healing of childhood memories, birth experiences, past life memories, having spiritual experiences, or an emotional release. I encourage you to have an intention yet be unattached from the outcome.

3. Be open to moving through discomfort

Breathwork sessions can be powerful and intense. We will be peeling through layers of emotion, and it may get uncomfortable at times. There is a level of responsibility, openness, and willingness that needs to be present on your part.
If you are open to feeling your emotions and maybe even looking at some things that may not be so pleasant, knowing our intention is to heal them, then you are ready for breathwork. If you feel you may not quite be there yet, you may want to hold off for now. It is important to commit to following through a breathwork session once you start.

4. Setting up

The session is up to 2 hours, so please allow enough time. If we are doing this online versus in-person, you need to be able to get yourself set up in a safe space, where you can lie down or at least recline, and safely process without interruption.
I will need to be able to both see you and hear you. You may want to do a trial run with your computer or device beforehand. Because we have a lot to cover in a 2-hour window, it's important that you are set up beforehand and ready to go.

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