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What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of focused attention and heightened awareness, where the conscious mind is temporarily relaxed aside, and the subconscious opens up to suggestions and communication.

Have you ever missed a turn or an exit while driving? Have you ever experienced those moments between wakefulness and sleep? If you said yes, then you’ve experienced hypnosis before! I am just the facilitator to help guide you into this state, as all hypnosis is truly self-hypnosis.

We often move in and out of trance-like states throughout our normal day.

This also means that you are fully in control and aware of everything that is going on, and in control of everything you say and do. Many people think of silly stage hypnosis acts where people appear to be “under the control” of the hypnotist. That style of hypnosis really is more for entertainment than anything else, as any suggestion could be rejected at any time.

What Is Hypnotherapy?

In hypnotherapy, the subconscious mind is utilized to elicit powerful and lasting change by getting to the root of the problem.

By accessing and communicating with the subconscious, we can transform old beliefs which will have a direct impact on how we feel.

Our subconscious mind is powerful and protective, yet sometimes what is stored there can prevent us from living our best lives. It is my deepest belief that all the answers we seek are already within us. By tapping into these inner resources through the subconscious mind, we can heal ourselves.

I am simply here to help guide and facilitate your process. If you desire change, are willing and open to the process, then hypnotherapy can truly help to transform your life.

Largo, Florida Hypnotherapy – Christine Bergstrom

What are Sessions Like?

Each client is unique.

Your sessions will be custom to your specific needs and oriented around your goals. Some of the modalities used are..

This is most often the first session. I am here to listen as you share anything you may need to. I’ll ask you some questions about the issue you would like to work on, making sure I have a clear understanding.

Using a powerful stem-sentence completion model, we will uncover your emotions and beliefs surrounding the issue at hand. Sometimes I may incorporate some modified Eye Movement Therapy in this session if needed. We will then work together to co-create powerful suggestions for your session.

This is an important component of a successful session, because your subconscious mind responds best to the words and phrases that speak to you personally. We will also discuss in depth what it would look, be and feel like to you to be completely free of your issue.

Last, it’s time for hypnosis. You simply lie back and follow my voice. You cannot do this wrong. Your conscious mind will be gently relaxed aside, and once in the perfect state, your subconscious mind will be open to your personalized suggestions, affirmations, and visualizations for positive change. I will record the session and you will be given a copy of the recording to listen to. Your subconscious mind works through repetition, so it is recommended that you listen to it daily for a little while.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is an approach to communication and personal development.

In its simplistic terms, NLP is a practical application of how people think. Where hypnosis focuses on content of the mind, NLP focuses on the structure, or the mental map. We all have filters which make our experiences unique. NLP can be used to change behavior, reframe, resolve conflict, squash fears, enhance performance and more.

I use these tools both in and out of hypnosis. When combined with hypnosis, both are more powerful. Fun fact: NLP has become popular with some of today’s most successful stars and athletes, including Oprah, Tony Robbins, Russell Brand, Tiger Woods, and many, many more!

Parts Therapy is based on the concept that we all have many different aspects, or “parts” of our mind.

We have many different roles that we play throughout the day – mom, daughter, employee, wife, etc. – This requires us to compartmentalize to a degree in order to function. Many times, when we find it difficult to make a change, despite wanting to so badly, it is because of inner conflict.

Take an overeater, for example, there is a part them that wants so badly to gain control of their eating habits in order to feel better and perhaps lose weight, however, there’s often a part of them that wants to keep overeating. This is the wanting, emotional part that is getting it’s needs met by continuing the behavior.

As much as the conscious mind tries to “will itself” into change, many times that is just not enough. As long as inner parts are in conflict, it is very difficult to make real, lasting change. In hypnosis, we will explore these parts (which, by the way, are all inherently good and trying to help us). We will work to create a shift and resolve conflict so that the parts can work together in unison to help you create positive, lasting change.

Have you ever been stressed out or anxious and realized that you were holding your breath?

At times we unconsciously do this when we are anxious. What is actually happening is that we are trying to stop feeling. When we stop the flow of breath, we stop the flow of our life-force energy (Prana), and we quite literally stop emotion from flowing. Feelings are just that – FEELings. They are meant to be felt.

When we suppress our emotions, they don’t disappear. They’re merely get tucked away for a little while until they surface again even stronger. Eventually, we burst out in anger, or worse – we experience physical and mental manifestations of suppressed emotions. This causes DIS-ease in the body.

Our emotions and thoughts are so intimately connected with the health and well-being of our body. Science is proving this more and more every day. In a Breath work session, very powerful breathing exercises are used to clear emotional blocks and bring up issues needing healing to the conscious awareness.

Using a very powerful protocol, we process and work to heal the memory. This process is extremely transformational.

From the moment we are born (and even before) to about the age of 7, we are mostly in alpha and theta brain wave state (same as hypnosis or meditation).

As children, our conscious mind has not fully developed. What this means is that in this state of super-learning, we are literally being “programmed” by our parents, teachers, peers, the media – basically everyone and everything around us. In this time, we develop beliefs about ourselves, the world, life, and everyone in it. Many of these beliefs remain unconscious (or in our subconscious mind, below our conscious awareness) throughout our entire life, yet they will surface in our behaviors, habits, patterns, relationships, and more.

If you pause to ponder, every belief that you currently have, has been suggested or put there by someone else. This is where we look to get to the “root cause” of your present day issue. In regression, we explore or look at memories from this crucial time in your life that may have caused you to form beliefs that are no longer serving you. This is not about reliving trauma, this is about reframing, healing and transformation.

When we heal the past, we heal the present, and then we can consciously create the future. This is about liberation.

Do You perform Spiritual Work?

Yes – For those that are open to the concepts, I offer..

For those open to the idea of previous lives, a past life regression can be very transformational.

Here we explore a past life or (lives), and the relevant events and relationships in them. We work to uncover emotions and beliefs formed that may be affecting you today.

Some people have claimed to resolve physical and emotional issues when they heal a trauma or event from a previous incarnation. This is often a very therapeutic and even spiritual experience.

This exploration will take you on a journey like none other.

Life Between Lives Exploration (LBL) is a beautiful and often profound experience in which you access the superconscious state to discover what happens in between incarnations in the spirit realm.

You may meet Spirit guides, your Higher Self, have angelic encounters, or connect with loved ones that have crossed over. You may ask questions, get guidance, experience profound peace, and more.

Largo, Florida Hypnotherapy – Christine Bergstrom

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*All sessions run approximately 1 1/2 - 2 hours in length
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*I will gladly work with any diagnosable medical condition ONLY WITH supervision or referral from the appropriate licensed practitioner of the healing arts, per Florida Statues Section 485. Please call for details.