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Christine Bergstrom Hypnotherapy – Largo, FL

Today more than ever, there is an overabundance of information and options when it comes to health, weight loss, and fitness.

Don’t get me wrong, it can be a wonderful thing to have so much information at our fingertips, yet it is so much so, that it can be confusing to the everyday person. Keto, Vegan, Paleo, Flexitarian, Mediterranean, Intermittent Fasting… oh my! So much contradicting information about what is best for our bodies. Same with fitness. CrossFit, Spin, Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing, Weight Training… the list goes on and on. We have fitness apps and calorie counters. 

We have a gym on every corner and a new documentary on healthy eating on Netflix every month. And yet amid all these tools and all of this knowledge, we are becoming more sickly, more overweight, and more stressed-out than ever. We live in a world that is overworked, fast-paced, and technology-driven. We’ve got all the information in the world yet no real answers on how to help ourselves.


I’m going to suggest, that above all of the diet and fitness programs, a positive mindset ranks the number one way to help us reach our goals. Think about it, mindset is everything. Having a strong mental game is one of the biggest secrets amongst the most successful people in this world. Science is proving more and more each day that how we think not only shapes our reality, it also has a profound impact and influence on our bodies as well.

Using hypnosis, we first get the thoughts in order. We examine beliefs. We address emotions. They are all so intrinsically and intimately connected that one leads to another, which leads to another, which loops back around. They also influence our behavior and actions. So if we want to make a shift in how we behave and act (think habits), we need to shift the beliefs first. In hypnosis, we give powerful and positive suggestions directly to the subconscious mind – to curb appetite, increase motivation, rev up metabolism, and more. And being that our subconscious mind is directing our lives 95% of the time, that is exactly where we want the change to occur if we want it to be long-lasting. This is why so many of us may consciously want to lose weight or exercise more, but as much as we try, we fail when we can’t “will” ourselves towards success. The subconscious mind must be working with the conscious mind, towards the same goal, in unison. 

In hypnosis, we can also explore a part (or parts) of you that may be subconsciously sabotaging you. There is always a reason behind every behavior. Isn’t it nice to know that even if a part of you may be sabotaging your efforts, it is actually trying to help you in some way? Perhaps the part of you that overeats is trying to comfort you or keep you safe. And isn’t it nice to know that in a powerful hypnosis session exploring these parts we can transform them and get them on board with your wishes and desires? When a shift is made in the subconscious mind, a shift is made in our lives in a big way. 

Other powerful hypnosis modalities can be utilized as well; for weight loss and general health.

When we change from the inside, a change on the outside is much easier to obtain. Now, this is not a panacea. It does take your effort. It takes you willing to be honest, to be open to the process, and to be dedicated. It may take several sessions, and you listening to your hypnotic programming recording daily, but this work does work.

So, to answer the question. “Can Hypnosis Really Help with Weight Loss?” Yes! Yes, it absolutely can! (And much, much more!)