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How Can Hypnosis Help During Difficult Times?

With this unprecedented global event affecting all of us in one way or another, it is to be expected that we may experiencing a myriad of emotions. Some days we may feel fine and even hopeful, and others we may feel lost, scared, and unsure. And then some days we may feel all of this and more in a matter of just a few hours – on a roller coaster of sorts. It is so important to remember that these are normal reactions to our current circumstances. Allowing ourselves to feel the feelings fully and completely as they come up allows us to move past them, or rather them through us. When we identify with those feelings (I am sad vs. I am experiencing sadness), or we suppress or deny them, we may end up feeling much worse later.

Try this: As the feeling surfaces, acknowledge it. Sit with and breathe into it. Witness it. You can even have a conversation with the feeling, like “what are you trying to communicate to me?” Just continue to listen, without judgement, and breathe. It will pass.

What does this have to do with hypnosis, you ask? Well, because when we are not able to navigate through difficult waters, utilizing our most powerful asset can be extremely helpful. That asset is our subconscious mind. Since our subconscious mind drives 90-95% of all our activities (decisions, emotions, actions, behaviors), that means that the content of our subconscious mind is what creates the filter through which we see and experience our reality. The content is created through life experiences, usually ones that were highly emotionally charged. We then conclude beliefs based on these experiences (such as: I am not safe, I am unlovable, the world is scary, etc.). Beliefs held tightly in the subconscious mind strongly influence our perception of ourselves, others, experiences, and the world.

Here is where hypnosis comes in… Through hypnosis, the conscious mind (that thinking, analytical, logical part) is relaxed aside, and the subconscious mind is opened up. Here we can give suggestions for positive change, relaxation, or whatever the goal at hand may be. This basic form of hypnosis not only begins to install a new “program” in the mind, it also activates the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing our mind and body to move into rest and relaxation.

Some other ways to engage your subconscious mind for relaxation and wellness: meditation, any hobby that you love that you get “lost” in, deep breathing exercises

In other hypnosis modalities, we communicate with the subconscious. Here is where we can transform old, disempowering beliefs and shift perspectives – which will in turn change how we experience life. Our subconscious mind is powerful and protective, yet sometimes what is stored there can prevent us from interpreting our reality in a way that is helpful to us. When changes are made in the subconscious, it is like putting on a new pair of glasses and seeing the world through different lenses. It is my deepest belief that all the answers we seek are already within us. By tapping into these inner resources through the subconscious mind, we can truly transform our experiences and change our lives. This does not mean we will never experience difficulties, hardships or even tragedies. Those are all a part of our human experience. It simply means we may be better equipped to handle them. We just may see things in a new light. I wonder, what could change for you?



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